Turquoise! Taking style to another level
Where words fail to express Your jewellery says it all.
Jewellery that reflects your style.


Discover the sparkle of summer beach jewellery collection

Welcome to Ztreasurebox, where my passion for designs meets unlimited possibilities.
As the founder of a jewelery line, my daughters Lara and haya were the creative minds behind this accessory line. The ‘Z’represents their cherished family name ‘Al Zein’ which fuels my creativity and dedication.Inspired by my obssesion with crafting jewellery, Ztreasurebox holds so much more! We are eager to expand beyond jewllery, Like bags and hats, and truly anything that adds to the precious contents of our treasure box. Join us on this exhilirating journey, as we unveil unique creations, bringing a touch of beauty and inspiration to your world, one treasure at a time.

Our Collection